It is all about Korean family of 2008

This blog is to introduce Korean family for who want know about Korean family

It is our pleasure to give question for more deeply information about Korean family

it was represented by Kim Byungtae, Park Hyunwoo, Lee Eunsuk, Seon Haera


Now here are images of Korean family of 2008

It describe their structure, issue, problem and importance

It is the most common structure of Korean family of 2008

Usually they are  3~4 member in the family like parent and 1 child

2. Patriarch


Father have the authority in Korean family.

He has responsibility to feed his family

He guide his family to where the family want go to

3. Family Tree


It is the family tree in Korea. It is complicated and subdivided.

4. Holyday


In holyday, it is time to meet whole family in Korea. They eat, talk and play together.

5. Dinner


Korena family consider importan to have dinner with family.


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